Big Books

Music supporting printed "Big Books" to help young children improve their reading, science and language skills.

From Bill & Linda Seaberg

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The Magic Penny

Our first album in the "Big Book" series. A total of 15 songs, including Magic Penny, Five Green and Speckled Frogs, Six Little Ducks, Sailor Bear, The Hippopotamus Song, Old Mrs. Leary, Alligators All Around, Spider on the Floor and others.

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Songs of the Season

These 12 new songs take children through the months of the year and highlight the seasons we love. Songs include Snowflakes, Happy Valentine's Day, My Rabbit and Me, America I Love You, Scary Night, I Give Thanks, Me and My Teddy Bear and others.

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A Wonderful World

12 more "Big Book" songs that expose children to science principles which will last a lifetime. Titles include Sea Creatures Deserve Our Respect, A Koala is Not a Bear, The Hungry Caterpillar, Peter Penguin, The Continents and others.

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About Big Books

Having performed in music and dance as children may often be a catalyst to lifelong recall of important times and events as adults. How often have you heard an old song that brought back memories of an earlier day, besides remembering most of the words? The hope of these albums is that they will serve as a catalyst to help young minds with language development and reading skills, and provide fond memories of childhood days.

Movement, rhythm, melody and rhyme can all assist to reinforce learning and future recall. Using the accompaniment/performance tracks will give variety and uniqueness to the songs, even when sung again and again.

Use these albums with love.


Bill & Linda Seaberg

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